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1. Approvals

Anugraha has all the statutory approvals from all the concerned departments.
It has the GMP certification and Drug Manufacturing License from the Drugs Control Department. The facility is in compliance with all the requirements of the Drug regulatory bodies.

It has the relevant and valid Factory Licence, Boiler operating licence and other mandatory licences & approvals from the Karnataka State Authorities.

Most importantly Anugraha has all the required clearances and consents from the State and Central Pollution Control Boards. The site has a valid Environmental Clearance (EC) along with all the Consents to establish, operate and handle hazardous waste. We at Anugraha have always given prime importance to our Environment, by never being negligent & by taking utmost care of our nature and surroundings. Our people are trained to be responsible and careful to ensure that no harm is caused to our environment by our operations.

2. EHS Policy

Anugraha Chemicals is committed to manage and improve continuously in the areas of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

We shall strive to achieve this by,

  • Complying with all the applicable laws and regulatory standards on Environment, Occupational Health and Safety
  • We ensure to provide a Safe and Healthy work environment with the necessary system
  • Optimizing resource utilization for pollution prevention, energy and water conservation and reduction and reuse of waste
  • Constantly, we work on evaluating and reviewing EHS performance for continual improvement
  • We conduct training programs to our employees in order to bring awareness on operational safety, protection by prevention of pollution
  • Through effective communications with our business partners, we try to adopt best practices in EHS and continual improvement in processes that pursue the latest developments in this area.

Here are our Compliance and Monthly Monitoring Reports

  1. EC Compliance Report
  2. Emission Monitoring Report - March
  3. Emission Monitoring Report - April
  4. Emission Monitoring Report - May

3. CSR

As part of the company's social responsibility and the commitment & desire to give back something to the society and to the needy, Anugraha has joined hands with organisations like the Rotary and Lions Club. Many significant contributions have been made by the company through such channels. Providing books, study materials and infrastructure to certain schools which need a helping hand is being done an annual basis since many years. Organising medical health check up and blood donation camps in collaboration with the Rotary Club is quite a frequent CSR initiative of Anugraha.