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Business Segments

1. Contract Manufacturing:

Contract manufacturing was our first model of business and still remains to be our important segment of business operations. Over the last two and half decades we have served and we continue to serve many major pharma companies in India. Anugraha has been the preferred partner for a lot of companies in India for their contract manufacturing or outsourcing activity. The key aspects or virtues for being successful in this segment is our fidelity and being competitive. We are competitive in our pricing as well as in our ability to handle the diverse chemistry that is required by our customers while they are outsourcing their products.

Anugraha has the expertise in handling Catalytic Hydrogenations/Reductions, Grignard reactions, Halogenation reactions, reactions involving Sodium metal, Sodium Amide and Sodium Hydride handling, Friedel Craft's reactions etc.

Our facility is suitable for bulk manufacturing of multistep products since we have the prowess of handling varied reactions, the appropriate infrastructure and most importantly our integrity & professional ethics.

2. APIs, Intermediates and Speciality Chemicals Manufacturing:

Anugraha has made a global presence over the last one decade as an API manufacturing company. The range of products offered are unique and complex. The company's product basket includes several key & advance API intermediates and also certain speciality fine chemicals which find their applications in few niche products.

Anugraha was the first company in India to manufacture Dibucaine, a local anaesthetic API.

The APIs offered by Anugraha are, apart from being of the highest and uncompromised quality, backed up by the required documentations and accreditations like DMF (open & closed part) in CTD format, CEP etc.

Anugraha is the approved vendor/supplier of many key & advance intermediates to companies like Cipla, Sun Pharma etc. The facility is audited and approved by these companies.

3. Research & Development

The R&D department is driven and mentored by PhD scholars. The team is a blend of experienced chemists and young chemistry enthusiasts, who under the guidance of their mentors, relentlessly work on new product developments and process improvements.

With a vision and goal to add newer molecules into our product basket, our R&D is continuously engaged in proactive research.