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How We Work

How We Work

1. After the initial enquiries, discussions and negotiations, we receive the valuable order from our customer

2.A meticulous planning is done by the team to execute the order. Raw materials (RMs) are procured from the "Approved Vendors", utmost care is taken at this stage since our final product quality largely depends on the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing.

3. Then there is a thorough QUALITY TEST of all the raw materials procured by our Quality Control (QC) department. Once all the quality aspects comply as per the in-house standards, the QC department then approves all the RMs

4. The Validated Manufacturing process is initiated under the vigilance of the Quality Assurance team and the complete synthetic process is completed with quality consciousness at each stage. The final product is isolated.

5. The Product is then undertaken for a COMPLETE ANALYSIS by the Quality Control Department. The batch manufacturing records/documentations is reviewed by the QA department.

6. The Quality Check of the Final Product is done.

7. Quality Approved Final Product is then packed as per the Customer's requirement using approved packing materials.

8. Then comes the final and important stage of order execution, i.e, smooth DELIVERY. This is done by the Logistics team, who proactively ensure the safe and fast delivery to the customer's destination.

Thus CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is achieved :-)