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The Manufacturing Facility has been systematically designed wherein each manufacturing block has been properly segregated. There are separate R&D, Pilot Plant, Intermediate manufacturing and Final API manufacturing blocks with a Quality Control laboratory conveniently located connecting all these segments of operations.

R&D Laboratory

Is equipped with all the advanced infrastructure required for carrying out custom synthesis & new product developments. Along with having the conventional set up, our R&D also has small autoclaves for carrying out pressurised reactions like catalytic reductions etc.

Pilot plant

Our Kilo Lab/ Pilot plant comprises of all the equipments required for scaling up of the products developed in our R&D as well as for commercial manufacturing of low volume–high value molecules. Equipments include reaction and distillation All Glass vessels ranging from 20.0 L to 200.0 L , followed by 12" inch centrifuge, vacuum tray drier, multi–mill and blender. A complete chain of operations starting from synthesis till packing of product can be carried out in our Pilot Plant.

Intermediate Production Block

There are two intermediate blocks in the unit, the first unit has Stainless Steel (SS) reactors and Glass Lined (GL) reactors of lower volume capacities and the second unit has SS reactors and GL reactors of higher volume capacities.


  1. Minimum Volume reactor is a 0.75 KL SS-316 with all standard accessories
  2. Maximum Volume reactor is a 3.0 KL SS-316 with all standard accessories


  1. Minimum Volume reactor is a 0.6 KL with all standard accessories
  2. Maximum Volume reactor is a 3.0 KL with all standard accessories

Intermediate block also has two SS-316 Hydrogenators/Autoclaves of volume capacities 1.0 KL and 1.5 KL. The pressure withstanding is upto 12.0 kg psi.

As part of the utilities, the intermediate blocks have 4 centrifuges;
1 Fluid bed drier, 3 Hot air driers and 1 vacuum tray drier.

Minus temperatures required for the operations are very easily and effectively achieved using the 20 TR Voltas make Chiller (minimum temperature of minus 20 degrees)

The steam requirement is fulfilled using the wood fired (capacity - ) and diesel fired (capacity - ) boilers

High Vacuum and Water ring vacuum pumps, which are very essential utilities, are present in ample numbers to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

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