Quality Policy

Quality Policy

To attain leadership in our field of business by providing quality products incorporating Industry Standards, fusing diverse methods of effective process control and quality Evaluation to match the critical requirements of the millennium through continual improvement and reviewing the effectiveness of quality management system, quality policy and quality objectives and customer satisfaction.

We shall involve our employees, customers, vendors to:

  • Keep safe and healthy working conditions
  • Protect the environment as pollution free
  • Meet regulatory requirement
  • Strive for continual improvement of our products, Quality system and Personnel

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

M/s Anugraha Chemicals is committed to provide safe and healthy environment covering all its employees, products and services as integral part of business performance through...

  • Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Setting objectives and targets to eliminate / control / minimize environmental pollution, risk due to occupational health hazards.
  • Promotion of activities for conservation of natural resources by environmental management.
  • Enhancement in environmental, safety and health awareness amongst employees, customers and suppliers by proactive communication.
  • Appropriate training of employees on health, safety and environmental activities and periodic reviews & audit of EHS management to ensure its continual improvement.
  • Communication of EHS policy to all employees and those who are working for organization.